About Us



To share sustainable, local, and organic medical cannabis and products to the community with space in mind, love in heart, and peace with all.

We aspire to enlighten awareness to the power of natural remedies and practices like yoga, massage therapy, and aromatherapy.


Our 6 Core Values


Small Organic Gardens

All medical cannabis flowers are sourced locally from professional growers in San Luis Obispo County.


Natural Remedies

We work with certified professionals to bring distinct goods and services to the table.


Friendly Connections

We are grateful to serve our people with the most specialized and efficient service.


Growing Community

We support like-minded local herbal businesses to help create a cannabis community trade that blooms.


Sustainable Business

Self-care of the mind and body encourages us to promote sustainable business.



All materials are from ethical and sustainable sources like hemp, sugarcane, recyclable and compostable packaging.

Our Vendors

Bloom Farms

Bloom Farms is built upon the belief that cannabis can enhance a healthy, fulfilling lifestyle. We aim to remove negative stigmas by inviting patients to take a fresh look at time-tested and lab-tested medicine.

Vape Bright

Formulated to optimize the full therapeutic potential of non-psychoactive CBD, our oil is derived from organic hemp. There are no additives other than natural cannabis terpenes to make Vape Bright taste like real cannabis.

liph toph

The liph toph crew sources cannabis that’s organically and locally grown, tested on-site to screen for pesticides and contaminants and processes with Fractional Distillation. We create a thick and gooey batch of pure oil that is astonishing.


Utilizing organic cannabis hemp as well as organic and fair-trade ingredients, we specialize in food first edibles. providing you the experience of a full flavor snack with the benefits of cannabis, while living your daily life.

Om Edibles

Om Edibles™ is an all-female run collective dedicated to providing the highest quality of Medical Cannabis products to legal patients in California.

The Good Stuff Tonics

The GOOD STUFF TONICS celebrates the GOOD STUFF in the cannabis plant, the GOOD STUFF in the beverages we create, and the GOOD STUFF in all of us.


Topicanna uses organic strains of cannabis grown on our solar-powered farm near Cayucos, CA. Our plants are selected for their unique profiles of beneficial cannabinoids & terpenes. The flowers are cultivated and crafted into a full line of CBD and THC infused Topical Cannabis Cream.

805 Buddha Bliss

Peaceful artisans based in Santa Barbara craft all-natural high quality products that are preservative free, non-toxic, and affordable. Their products are infused with essential oils that are some of the worlds first medicines. Effective topicals made with high quality ingredients created as an alternative to prescription medications.